Convey Knowledge

Teach your family something that you know. You can preserve your knowledge for all time with images, video, and text. We make teaching future generations of your family easy with pages that are simple to create, change, and make contributions.  

Self Document

Tell the story of your life. Keep a record of your past, who you are, and what you have done. Do you have a special memory? Something from your past that you cherish or celebrate? Make sure those memories are saved here at Inheritance so we can help preserve them for future generations.  

Always Secure

Security is always at the forefront of our minds at Inheritance. We use the latest ssl encryption to secure your data as it travels across the Internet to our servers. Inheritance allows you to determine who can see, modify, or contribute to each item on every page that you create at Inheritance.  

Shared Experience

People have vastly different experiences, even while attending the same event. Allowing several family members to contribute to a story allows the family to have a better understanding of every individual's perspective. Inheritance allows a family to collaboratively author content to better tell the important stories.  

Young Again

Revisit your past as you preserve your legacy through Inheritance. Future generations will be amazed at what life was like when you were younger. Let them marvel at the idea of you as a child as you tell your story.  

Remember Forever

Document what happens in your life so you can come back and relive those moments later on. Sometimes the clarity of life fades as time passes. Don't let the vividness of past experience fade over time. Preserve it on Inheritance.  

Family Tree

Document your family tree at Inheritance. Tell the story of your family as you see it. You can create pages and videos full of stories for anyone on your family tree. Your tree can link to other member accounts so you can allow family members to maintain and document their lives. Inheritance family trees can build upon each other.  

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Welcome to the Inheritance Beta

Thank you for joining us on our journey as we work to fulfill our goal of preserving your family history. So far we've put a lot of time and effort in to building the functionality to capture and store your story. We feel that Inheritance is at a point where it can be used as it was intended, but it is no where close to complete. In some places Inheritance lacks polish, and in others we have only scratched the surface of what we intend to do. Once again, we have built quite a bit of functionality for Inheritance. With that functionality comes a bit of a learning curve. So, please, stop by the help section. It will help to guide you on the path of making Inheritance work for you, and your family. We hope you and yours have a bright, happy, and successful future.

-From all of us here at Inheritance.


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